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a look at hillary clinton, almost 1 million miles traveled as she served for a president. we will take a look at her ten- year and to wait how she did. she spent her last day in washington today. call us at -- if you want to send this tweet, do so at @cspanwj. we have had people responding to our question on facebook.com/c- span as well. senator kerrey will be sworn in later on today as well. secretary of state clinton spent her last day as secretary of state. the washington post has this headline -- more analysis in the papers, taking a look at the secretary of state. in our time, we are interested in hearing from you. the numbers -- you can treat us @cspanwj or on facebook. weighing in -- michael hobbs saying -- want to join us on the phone? the numbers will be on the screen. indiana, our independent line. caller: good morning. i think she did a pretty good job. she was a good secretary of state. i think she was one of the best we have ever had. host: what can you point to to back that up? caller: we are more respected now around the world and we were during the bush administration.
. joe in maryland, democrat, hi. caller: my favorit would have to have been bill clinton. there are so many to choose from. i was very young. it was in high school at the time. he put into place a lot of laws that allow for people like me to go to college. beyond that, he was just incredibly involved in science necessarily see a lot of a a lot of presidents do now. host: from oklahoma, an independent caller. caller: my favorite president has to be lyndon johnson. look what he did for civil rights not only for americans but for everybody in this country. he fought through the garage of our southern states, and he got it through. -- fought through the brage of our southern states. lyndon johnson said, "when i sign these proclamations, i am turning the south over to the republican party." the city just agreed with the emancipation proclamation. this is in 2013. lyndon johnson fought for all americans. i was debating whether it should be johnson or jimmy carter. jimmy carter, in the final history of this country is written, jimmy carter will be among the best up there, not ronald reagan. l
in the south china sea. i daresay as interesting as it may sound, and my present -- secretary clinton who made her first trip to asia, i have heard rumors to the effect incoming secretary of state kerry will make its first trip to the middle east. we are going to pivot to asia,. back to the middle east seems to repave it. host: -- repivot. host: u.s. sanctions are proving counterproductive. the economy is in ruins. the countrydeadlocked in the cos heading toward sectarian breakup. the grim prognosis for syria is provided by the latest report provided by the state department working with the free syrian army. guest: i admire him and i know he has been writing quite a bit about him lately. he is symptomatic of the disease that has set into washington, which is a new-found interest in syria. when the revolution began, to find voices of concern over syria was a virtually impossible treasure hunt. we were expressing deep concern than that unless we involve ourselves, when i say involved, i will be careful -- once we did what we could politically to get the disparate opposition groups more organized
tax federal spending. then, larry clinton on the federal cyber security alliance. then a talk about north korea's nuclear program. ♪ host: good morning, welcome to "washington journal." "the new york times" reports that the white house is working on an immigration bill as a backup plan. in case congress does not come up with its own legislation. the president is seeking executive action. we would like to hear what you think about president obama using executive orders to work around congress. here are the numbers to call. for republicans, 202-585-3881. for democrats, 202-585-3880. for independents, 202-585-3882. you can also find us online. sadness a tweet at twitter.com/c-spanwj -- send us a tweet at twitter.com/c-spanwj. you can also e-mail us at journal@c-span.org. this story is from bloomberg news. host: looking at one of the executive orders that he assigned -- that he signed an tuesday, it relates to cyber security and cyber issues. the president issued an executive order designed to strengthen the cyber security of critical infrastructure last week, which some say could get
call. next is robert, clinton, maryland on our line for democrats. caller: i do not mean to put anybody down. one thing about conservatives is they never quit. no matter what happens, they do not change. the economy could have been worse if president obama had not initiated the stimulants -- stimulus to help save the economy. we were in a tailspin. republicans he stored the economy. this man comes along and side decides to save it. they are still fighting him. that sequestration deal -- this will completely destroy the economy. we need to spend money to exist. in the u.s., you just cannot stop spending money. if you do, it will be the end of us. these people are haters. they are not going to change the way they think. thank god there are enough people in this country who think progressively. maybe we can turn this economy around and help america. have a nice day. host: robert brings up the sequestration. we will talk about that later with ray locker of "usa today." he will talk about the sequestration's effect on defense spending. that will be and about 25 minutes. we want to show you m
-presidents get a fortune. bill clinton was on tv not too long ago. he is worth about $220 million. he does not need our money. members of congress, they could pay half of their -- or even more than half of their medical insurance. they could pay for their staff from what they get. it is just not right. i am a publican, a former democrat, a former -- an independent. i am where i should be. i want less government. i want limited government. they are talking about taking money away from important things. by the way, can't david -- camp david shaw -- camp david should be gotten rid of. host: key housesitter -- conservatives say they can support measure to fund the government. host: that is a little bit about the budget process which we will be hearing about a lot more in the coming weeks as march 2 seven it's closer. an article in the wall street journal this morning, texas pardon -- tax stand -- tax stances harden. host: the next call comes from bradley. and independent. the sequester take effect tomorrow. caller: i just wanted to call in to point out that in the documentary, he saw this happ
has delayed those plants for you. give us a call. robert, clinton, md., you are on, sir. caller: 401k, in the early part of november my three kids were named the beneficiaries. we did all the paperwork. here it is, since february 4, and i have not got the money yet. the company that has the 401k, first of all, you cannot find them. i work in the credit union. they would not give you any information about the company that had the 401k. here it is, the fourth, and they still have not got the money. you have got to wait a long time to get your money. host: tell us a little bit about your plans, because of the limbo you are in. what does that mean for you? caller how it means i have to be very careful about four hope -- 401k. if something happened to me, i would release the money to my kids or something like that. if they needed it right away, they could get it, but they still have not received the money. i still do not know how these things work. because of the interest, i do not know. thank you very much. host: jacksonville, ark., good morning. caller: how are you? caller -- host: fine,
in either chamber. former president bill clinton sitting down with house democrats during their annual party retreat. on friday, the democrats opened it to cameras as and president bill clinton get congressional democrats a little bit of advice. >> it is obvious as a political strategy it is in the interest of our party and the programs and policies and lead -- and the direction that we believe and to make the midterm electorate look more like the electorate in the presidential years. i think that is obvious. i also think that we should not rely on demographics alone. we should not give up on our ability, particularly in these periods when we are not in the heat of the election, to begin a conversation with people who are not as extreme as a lot of candidates they voted for in the republican party that we can get to before us. be for us. i see this on issue not as a toxic land mine, but an opportunity. host: bill clinton as he spoke to democrats in their annual retreat. we are joined live on the phone with a reporter who was there. thank you very much for being with us. we were attracted to
of state torrey clinton -- you can see hurt joking with leon panetta yesterday after former secretary clinton was presented with the defense department's highest award for public service. clinton resigned earlier this month and was replaced by john kerry. we read a little bit that defense secretary panetta does plan to stay on the job for a little while longer while things move forward with chuck hagel's nomination. the senate's oldest number -- oldest member will not seek a new term in 2014. frank lautenberg face a primary. he was a staunch advocate of gun control and public infrastructure and a champion of the amtrak system. he announced he will not seek reelection in 2014 triple -- 2014. the new york post -- some other stories in the news -- president obama made a pitch yesterday to expand preschool access. he took his message on the road from the state of the union earlier this week to georgia. he handed out high-five's 24- year-olds. he toured a public preschool in georgia yesterday. we'll talk more about the president's plans for that with our guests later on with a member of th
this morning with three pictures of hillary clinton. a mass e-mail was sent out from bill clinton and chelsea clinton asking supporters to send a note to hillary clinton with your contact information, thanking her for the job that she did as -- at the state department. here's the e-mail that was sent out. real quickly, other headlines. the financial times front page -- and in "usa today" the front page -- also, the senate is working its way in through the violence against women act and is set to vote on that bill later this week. bipartisan support is expected. and the front page of the washington post -- marshall in new jersey, independent. caller: i think people are missing the fact that his 16- year-old son was also killed in a strike. the fact that it be declared that the entire world is a battlefield now, what this means is that any american overseas outside america could possibly be killed in a draw on strike. you could be somewhere in a situation where you don't even know you are in an area of terrorism and you could just become collateral damage. the whole thing is wrong. they will tr
as a mattering.- as it i was not impressed with bill clinton, but the status of the union addresses made me warm up to him. it was the way he spoke that changed the way i looked at him as a president. i think it's a great opportunity for a president to bring people together if they can say the right things and reach out across the aisle. host: there was a little written about president clinton in the "new york times this morning. this report -- arnold's in tennessee on our democratic line. good morning. caller: good morning. i appreciate you taking my phone call. i just wanted to say something that got my attention last year during the state of the union address was there were some streaks of light that came across the screen that looked -- i had never seen that happen before in any of the state of the union addresses. they looked almost spiritual. some people accused obama of staging that. d like something from god or something. would it be ok if i shared a web site that i have? host: is it relevant to our conversation, arnold? caller: yes. i believe it is relevant, because we are living in som
of president clinton in 1998 after his affair with monica lewinsky, but his floor statement focused on the fact that mr. clinton had lied under oath, noting that the trial has never been about the president's private sex acts as tawdry as they have been. but in the same speech, he cited the value of truthfulness and how it is the first pillar ." good character er yuriko esther domenici and his wife have been married for when it 50 years and had eight children. paul laxalt is 90 years old and had no comment. the front page of "the washington times" this morning. "gop is resisting obama rusher on tax increase." host: that is the front-page lead,, and at the end of the story is this. "the senate next week will consider competing democratic and republican proposals to stop the automatic cuts. the democratic plan would institute a 30% minimum tax rate on incomes over $1 million, cut farm subsidies and institute military cuts delayed until most us troops have returned from afghanistan. neither plan is expected to win the 60 votes needed to overcome a filibuster. instead, attention will shift to the n
-- we have been seeing cuts since basically the clinton administration. i have not seen programs growing. the talk about government waste, i do not get it, because in the natural resources management agency, there is none. we're all struggling to provide services to the public. from the worker level and entry- level jobs all the way up to management, i do not see a period -- see it. it makes me angry when people talk about government waste because we are about trying to provide services to the public. maybe other agencies that do not work with natural resources have a lot more waste, but we sure do not. host: if you are furloughed and others are, what is the impact? what will they feel? caller: i do not know. i can only speak for myself and the folks i work with. host: will americans outside of your agency, the people who rely on you, will they feel the impact of sequester from furloughs from your office? caller: it is hard to say because our sister agency, the weather service, you all, every single person in the united states and the whole planet, debts of the reports from noaa data. th
thing that stuck out to me about bill clinton was his willingness to compromise. i did not much like the guy, but he was a good compromise and. he knew -- compromiser. he knew how to reach across the aisle and the country benefited for it. now you have a guy that has no willingness to compromise. he is so far to the left and nobody will get past him. host: let's get a response from megan hughes. guest: kelly, your appreciation for what president clinton did, moving to the middle and brokering deals, it is certainly a valid point. in terms of whether or not president obama is a compromiser, one good group to ask would be some of the democrats because i think they would contend that when it comes to entitlement reforms and things he has put on the table that those would qualify as compromises, being open to potential means testing or peeling back medicare benefits for higher income earners. the idea of change to cpi, looking at that with social security reform -- there are definitely some things that have riled up fellow democrats. host: let's go back to the c- span bus and hear from t
of secretary of state henry rodham clinton as our secretary of state. the right -- they write -- the article goes on to say that she leaves office with the israeli-palestinian peace prop -- process languishing. the engagement with iran and north korea has produced no results, while political reconciliation that might have prevented another civil war in afghanistan remains a distant prospect. -- that is the take from "the financial times" on the last day in her job, secretary of state hillary rodham clinton. back to the phones. logan in alaska, on our line for independents. go ahead. caller: hello, how're you doing tonight? host: hello, what is going on in alaska? caller: first off, warmer than usual. second, this whole thing that bugs me. i deal with people all the time, and everybody has an opinion with everything. kissell contraceptive thing -- his whole contraceptive thing thing is wild. how does anybody have the right to tell anybody else what to do with your body? it really bugs me that this is at an are doing state for this entire country. -- arguing state for this entire country. host
president clinton was alluding to. the definition of an assault rifle. it is understandable for many people that want to see these guns off the streets. many are police officers. streets.ked on the i have seen what they do to human beings. there is no need for them outside of a military environment." you are seeing a run at gun shows for background checks. the problem with this issue is it goes beyond guns and both sides recognize that. we talked about a culture that does celebrate violence in many ways in movies or video games. we love having freedoms. we don't have to check in everywhere. we go from state to state and carried registrations for everything that we do. it is that level of freedom which means sometimes bad things are going to happen. host: what happened in 1994 with house members that voted for gun control? guest: if you think back to that year, that was an incredible amount of legislation, it was nafta, a tax increase, the balanced budget that president clinton had supported. there was the health care legislation that was debated. those together created an image of democrats
. defense has tripled since clinton. the defense budget was $350 billion under clinton. when obama came in, over $1 trillion. now, $700 billion. a 30% cut mainly because of pulling out of iraq. we will be down to a record budget in defense of the 500 mark the billion dollars when we get out of afghanistan. why are we maintain a core budget of $550 billion when it was $350 million -- billion? we need to stop breaking promises to the poor and the elderly. host: marco rubio spoke about guns and medicare during his response. [video clip] >> the president loved to blame the debt on president bush, but president obama created more debt in four years than his predecessor did in eight years. the real cause of our debt is that our government has been spending $1 trillion more than it takes in every year. that's why we need a balanced budget amendment. the biggest obstacle to balance the budget, programs for spending already locked in. one of these programs as medicare, which is important to me. it provided my father. needed to battle cancer and ultimately to die with dignity. it pays for the care o
in the house have proposed $30 million a year to fund the cost of a proposal that president clinton started, the cops in schools program. it would be offset by cutting costs for the national oceanic and atmospheric administration, according to these six republicans. a republican caller in virginia, what do you make of this? caller: i am a gun owner, a very conservative republican, and i think that piece of legislation is exactly what we need. i would go one step further -- i would put into the language that we should also have tsa-style magnetomitors at each and every school. this was only a matter of time, from a domestic standpoint or a terrorist standpoint. there is no reason, with the resources we have, to put the same type of security that it take for granted in the airports and even at banks, to protect the children, because, it is only a matter of time because a well motivated terrorist organization decides to attack one of our schools. if you have the metal detectors and the armed guards, you're going to cut down the possibility i-95%-99% -- by 95%- 99%. i think we should stop worry
addressed in dodd-frank. also the simple fact that during the clinton administration and alter the bush administration, they did nothing to rein in fannie mae and freddie mac which mr. bush could have done with his hud critz terry and reduced the mandates from over 60% that they wanted subprime mortgages. this is what caused the collapse. right now, fannie mae and freddie mac are making it more difficult to get a mortgage but they are going through the fha. this is part of the problem -- not that we don't have enough regulation, is that we don't have good regulation or people enforcing those regulations. guest:
-- another look at another set of numbers. hillary clinton, now the former secretary of state, she signed up with a walker agency, and we're taking a look at her speaking fees. here is a quick rundown. she is likely to make in excess of $200,000 per speaking agent through the head -- through the harry walker agency. her salary for secretary of state was $186,000 record -- $186,000. the salary of president obama, the same since 2001, four hundred thousand dollars. you can read more by logging onto washingtonexaminer.com. nikki, from alabama. will sequestration matter? caller: how can the republicans say that sequestration is such a big concern to them, and they have taken it, and they have gone nuts tied up in all of these wars, and then they come back and they use this lie about how they are angaged? -- engaged? we do not need this. i'm just wondering, what is it that there really want? host:, for the call. inside the washington times -- thank you for the call. inside the washington times -- we could see a vote on that early next week, which means he could be sworn in by the latter half of n
winners and losers. host: clinton township, mich., a republican. good morning. are you there? caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. i appreciate talking to the governor directly. the economy is bad, but i would like to make a point about the second amendment and the constitution in general. the governor and the rest of the lawmakers in michigan have the right to secure the right to bear arms. it seems like there's a big push to not only take away the second amendment, but also to restrict many amendments, let alone the right to bear arms. the economy is a bad thing, but if we do not have the second amendment and the constitution, i would like to know what the governor would do to restrict -- to allow the second amendment, to separate ourselves from the federal government, saying they do not dictate to us what we have as law-abiding citizens to protect ourselves, our homes, our property? host: before you answer, i wanted to show the audience a headline. i wanted you to explain this thinking, rick snyder of vetoes a bill that would allow guns in schools. this was a bill that wo
in congress. your thoughts? clinton, maryland. hello, can. caller: -- hello, ken. caller: i support background checks. i am a member of the nra. i own guns. i have had friends ask me if i would sell them a gun. knowing that that is against the law. knowing that that has happened over and over again. you have no way of knowing what purpose that person is using a gun for. i do not know their mental capacity. i just believe that universal background checks will keep the guns out of the hands of people that mean ill will or have mental deficiencies. host: all right, richard, washington, d.c., independent caller. caller: i am for the registration of guns, but as far as background checks -- i mean, all of these shooters were supposedly law-abiding people. [indiscernible] they have the right to protect their family. who is showing the guns, who is sitting on the guns? look at what is going on in chicago. they are locking these people up. that is something you can do. who has the right to tell someone else that they have the right to own a gun? that is insane to me. host: you do not agree with univers
and the palestinians. there were very generous proposals, in my opinion, in both 2000 and 2001, under bill clinton, to give the palestinians a state of their own, 90% of the west bank. arafat was the palestinian leader at the time. he turned it down. the prime minister of israel in 2008 had secret discussions, often -- offering even more generous packages. billions of dollars of aid. the palestinians turned it down again. they keep turning down chances to have a state, and then they complain that they don't have a state. you really have to wonder if, after all these years -- why are they turning it down? is it that they don't recognize that they ought to be -- that there ought to be a jewish state of israel in the region? i think settlements are one of the disagreements. the issue of settlements clearly has to be hammered out and negotiated along with anything else. but i think the bottom line is, the arab state and the palestinians have got to come to grips that the jewish state of israel is here to stay. the minute they recognize that, i think everything else is a lot easier. i think it needs to
. at 8:30, larry clinton will talk about president obama's executive order and cybersecurity. we will finish the program talking about north korea's's test. all that, your phone calls and a look at the papers tomorrow starting at 7:00. >> today, and look at the long- term fiscal health of the u.s. postal service lullaby to state of the state addresses. -- followed by two state of the state address. >> i think the women themselves in many cases were interested in politics but had no vehicle to express that in their own lives. they were attracted to men who were going to become politically active or were already politically active. >> each of them i find intriguing. probably half of them in particular, precisely because they're so obscure. half of these women probably would be at
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